Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Silversmithing...let the ideas begin!

Well, I finally did it! I took my first silversmithing class last night in Ft. Collins, and I had a great time!

As I had detailed earlier, I have been trying to find a silversmithing class for quite some time. There were 2 people in Colorado that would come up when I did any search online. I emailed one, but he took forever to get back to me, so I had moved on to other options before I heard from him. The other is teaching in Estes Park, but I figured with the cost of a hotel, plus travel, plus the class (a total of 16 hours), I'd be spending close to $600, and I just couldn't justify that. I then looked at William Holland, but of course their classes were full. Then I got a friend from Florida to offer to teach me. So I booked a flight to Tampa and will be going next week!

Well, everything happened all at once after that. William Holland called me to let me know they had an opening. Of course it happens to be the week I will be in Florida.... And then the first guy emailed me back and said he had openings in the class. So I'm taking his class, and will be doing a make up session for the week I will miss when I am in Florida. So, by the end of the next month, I should have a pretty thorough knowledge of what I want--making rings, working with bezels. I have ideas and needed some nudging on how to make the mechanics of them work.

In other news, I am officially listed as a maker of doll eyes. That went live Sunday morning. Yikes! So, now it's become really apparent that I need to get my new computer to make adding photos of them a whole lot easier than what I'm doing now. The pictures I've posted to my blog are all uploaded from my cel phone, so sometimes the quality isn't what I want, and for the tiny little eyes (we're talking 4mm-ish) I definitely need a macro lens and some good lighting. Since my current computer takes days to upload images from the camera's card, it's just time to replace the computer. Hey, this one is 7 years old already. It's definitely time. I'm just procrastinating. As usual. ;)

That's life from my little corner of the world. Hey, I think it's exciting!

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