Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here's looking at you!

Ok, so the dolls look just a little cross-eyed from this picture. But I finally decided to give a try to the tutorial for doll eyes that was posted on Lampwork Etc. The instructions for the blue eyes seemed the easiest to follow, so those are the ones I tried. And after 7 hours, I managed to come up with about 25 matched pairs. I will look at them again and see if I still think they are matched. I looked at them for so long to make sure they were the same size and everything, I think I was cross-eyed! No, I KNOW I was cross-eyed! So, here's my first attempt. I was going to try green eyes, but the recipe for the color is a tad bit more difficult than the ones for the blue. Apparently yellow and blue make brown. =) Of course, the color I ended up with is a neat color. Probably never to be repeated. But there are hues of lilac/cocoa/chocolate brown. It will make a nice iris outline for some lilac colored eyes.
That's all for going on. Family is visiting this weekend. Fun stuff.

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  1. These are beautiful !!!where do you sell them?