Sunday, July 11, 2010

Auctions, classes, schedules....

First thing to share is the benefit auction for the therapeutic horse riding program went well. I had donated 2 beads to the auction, one is the bead shown in this post. I had the two of them with a retail of $70, and they were bought for $45. Given where we are geographically, I don't think that is a horrible thing. In all honesty, I may have had them overpriced to begin with. I will definitely be looking at other artists and how they price their stuff and taking all of that into consideration with where I am currently situated. Caryl said I got some "wows" and some "oohs" and "aahs" so that makes me feel pretty good. She also said there was competition from another gal who uses semiprecious stones to make jewelry. I don't know what kind of jewelry she does (heck, I can use semiprecious stones, but where's the fun in that? Someone ELSE got to play with the fire to make those!) Anywho, I'm pleased with how things sounded like they went. I was hoping to stop by, but I got sidetracked by a bad experience with a mechanic and was in no mood to party.
I went to Harbor Freight yesterday and got my drill press. WOO! Now, to figure out where to put it in my studio and then get drilling! I stopped at Home Depot and got some drill bits. None of them are like Donna's (I couldn't find the size I wanted in the brand she showed me) but they should work for metal, so I'm hoping. If they don't, I can always shop at Lowe' and get them, and I'm told Snap-On sells a decent drill bit, too. We'll get it figured out. I just want holes in some horseshoe nails, dang it!
My bellflowers made their debut yesterday, as well as the horseshoe nail beads. In a real live person's hands even, not just in pictures! She was impressed with them. I like them, I just know that I have a little tweaking to do for the horseshoe nail ones before I'm completely satisfied with them. Back me up here, guys! You all know what I'm talking about!
Back to this mechanic thing. I was told yesterday I needed a new engine for my pickup, which completely took me by surprise. The price tag carried way more than it's fair share of sticker shock as well. $10,000. Or the cost of a new pickup, which the dealership had at $34,000. Eeep! So, that got me thinking.... I don't have a contract. I don't have a "job." I'm feeling really broke and life sucks! So, I made the decision to spend at least 40 hours in my studio this coming week. Hey, I dedicate at least that much time on a "real" job, if not more, so if I'm going to make this a go, I need to get serious and get my butt in gear. I have notebooks on notebooks on notebooks of ideas. I've got a Serger and silk and can dye some silk ribbons. I have clay so I can make some molds. I have mini-fusing projects I want to test out. I have tutorials I've never tried. I have a torch I've almost never lit. I have plenty of things to do out there to keep myself entertained, and while I'm still home, and still don't have any other things interrupting my schedule, it's time that I make time.
Happy torching, and have a great afternoon!

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